Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yesterday at 12:06 PM life began for Jack Capson Wright. The joy of seeing him take the first breath, the first bath and Leah's face was very overwhelming. The tears on Leah's eyes just began to swell up as Jack was put onto her chest. She was so excited for the opportunity that she had been dreaming about.

As Jack took his first breath you could tell that he was ours, an angle sent from heaven that had been taught by grandpa and prepared especially for us. It was so amazing, Just minutes after Jack had been introduced to us they decided to give him his first bath. While preparing for the bath we sent out the first pictures to family and friends of the new arrival, while at the same time we decided to enjoy the first phone calls to family. Both sides were ecstatic to find out about our new addition. After making a phone call to my mother to let her know that she could come and see Jack in two hours she informed me that she was already at the hospital and was ready to come in to see jack. In they came to give their wishes of a good life and to enjoy his sweet spirit.

Just minutes after my mom came into the room to see Jack the nurse realized that something was wrong with him. He was having a hard time breathing and they noticed that he may need some special attention. With that they invited me down to the nursery while Leah was being cleaned up and taken care off. I felt torn with what to do, spend the time with jack in another area or stick it out with Leah. Leah seemed to be doing very well, since the epidural and taken very good care of her, just like her Wal-Mart fetish she has now found a new one, the greatness of the epidural. I decided that since my mom was there with all of the nurses and Leah's doctor, that she was going to be in good hands, and off I went to the nursery with baby Jack.
I was down there for an hour or two watching the doctors and nurses trying to figure out his breathing. I decided to go back and check on Leah and found that she was doing great, they were in the process of moving here to the post pardum bedroom down the hall.After checking on Leah I went back to check on Jack to find out that they had decided to move him over to the NICU. Which when relaying this to Leah, I found that this was one of the most difficult things, even harder than the delivery of Jack. Due to the doctors still trying to take care of Leah she has really been out of the know on Jack and was having a hard time dealing with it.

I decided to make some arrangements to give Jack a blessing, in hopes that a miracle could happen. Several hours had past with only the knowledge of tests and no answers, however around 8:00 PM a nurse came in from the NICU wondering if Leah would like to go down and try to feed Jack. Off course Leah was so excited, as we got in and cleaned up we turned the corner where Jack was and Leah lost it. The image of Jack hooked up to monitors, wires, and everything else was a hard image to take in of our new born child. However with some time Leah began to calm down and take it in strides.

We then went back to the room waiting and wondering, when at 11:00 PM the miracle had happened and our prayers were answered, little baby Jack came rolling in with the nurse and they had worked out all issues with his breathing.Still we are not sure what was wrong but all that matters is that he is now doing great.

We then got the opportunity to spend the entire night with him, it was the best thing in the world.


  1. Hey Steven I hope you don't care that I look at your blog. I am so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet Jack. He and Saiji are exactly a month apart...yeah they can be good friends. Congrats to you and Leah...isn't parenthood the best? Also I was wondering if you could give me your mom's address.

  2. i would LOVE to see more pictures on here!!!!! love you both!

  3. This must have been written ages ago, but I read it today, and it has warmed my heart.

    I'm so glad you are a little family. You are two amazing people. And the way you gently word things, you can tell you are an amazing husband and Dad.

    Thanks for sharing.